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“DiDimon” was one of the ancient Hellenic opthalmologists. “DiDimoi” are two or more beings born from the same birth.

What is “DiDimon”

“DiDimon” Is a innovative patent system using LED (DIP or SMD), OLED technology or just normal advertising panels positioned behind the basketball dashboard and on top of the basketball stanchion in order to promote sponsors.<br /> DiDimon Is more than a system, it is an advertising Platform giving to your sponsors flexibility in order to promote their products into the basket.<br /> More detailed this new position is always inside the “TV coverage” during the game and cause of the innovative structure of the system it can be positioned in straight vertical angle with the main camera maximizing the quality of colors and the promote area of the screens.<br /> DiDimon base structure can fit in different brands of basketball stanchions making the system able to be used by most of the Basketball Clubs and organizations in the World.<br /> DiDimon system consists of high quality materials and visual technology covering all the safety requirements for athletes.

Our Clients

DiDimon first installation is at Olympic Stadium Of Athens on behalf of Panathinaikos B.C.<br /> It is our Honor that a Basketball club like Panathinaikos B.C. choose our system.<br />

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